Products:Hydrogen generator


The HGL hydrogen generator series employs the technology of electrolysis of water for hydrogen production.  It is developed under the private technology receiving plural global patents licensed, so it is a green pollutant-free local hydrogen generation technique that generates safe and reliable hydrogen with high purity under de-ionized water.  A gas bomb not containing hydrogen requires no high-pressure storage device, so hydrogen can be produced in a carefree manner at the venues and laboratories in need of frequent use thereof afraid of high risks of gas hydrogen delivery and inventory.  This is a great substitute program for low-cost energy.  This hydrogen generator provides the stable and safe source of hydrogen, so it is truly the best optional device for many instruments and equipment.

   Features   Applications
  • Low power consumption
  • Small and portable
  • Tilt-proof device
  • Protection against overheat and overpressure
  • Hydrogen of 99.999%+ with the output pressure up to 5 and 10 bar
  • Inbuilt pressure control, hydrogen leak detector, system check, etc.
  • Hydrogen plasma rinsing
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Fuel cell testing platform
  • Gas chromatography (GC)
  • Hydrogen supply to a hydrogen storage alloy tank
  • Supporting hydrogen supply in the internal combustion engine
  • Chemical vapor deposition (CVD)

Model :HGL-100H


Purity of gas99.99%
H2 Output pressure (Max.)5bar
H2 Delivery rate100c.c./min
Pressure protectorYes
Anti-tilting deviceYes
Switch-on detectorYes
Inner hydrogen leak detectorYes
Water consumption0.12c.c./min
Size (LxWxH)450x150x300mm

Model :HGL-300H/U     Model :HGL-600H/U


Purity of gasDew point-66 O25ppm
H2 Output pressure (Max.)5bar10bar5bar10bar
H2 Delivery rate300c.c./min600c.c./min
Pressure protectorDouble protector
Switch-on detectorYes
Inner hydrogen leak detectorYes
Water consumption0.33c.c./min0.58c.c./min
Size (LxWxH)500x250x410mm