Core Technology

Development of new catalyst developed solely by GOC is the core technology for advanced efficiency and reduced consumption of catalyst as well as research on electronic paste fabrication and spray coating skills; furthermore, GOC not only founds the membrane electrode assembly (MEA) production lines to afford hydrogen with high quality and mature technology of mass production to fuel cells, water ionizers and unitized regenerative fuel cells (URFC) but also firms the competitiveness by gaining the patents licensing of all technologies from hydrogen production to fuel cell stack assembly finishing.

The water electrolytic fuel cell made with the solid proton exchange membrane and nano-catalyst technology has the attributes of safety, convenience, high purity, green and pollution free, making the related products successfully sold in China, Israel, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Southeast Asia and Taiwan.  The cell comprised of 2 electrodes divided to anode and cathode by the proton exchange membrane in the middle produces high-purity hydrogen via electrolysis with the de-ionized pure water delivered by the water management system as the material for electrolysis of water.

Development of the platinum catalyst technology 

  • Catalyst synthesis
  • Paste fabrication
  • Spray coating

The membrane electrode assembly technology

  • Fuel cell
  • Water electrolyzer
  • Unitized regenerative fuel cells (URFC)
Receiving the subsidies of SBIR Jan.

Fuel cell stacks assembly technology